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District Regulations

The regulations are sorted by code.

Code Title
CBB-R  State Federal Revenue - Grants Manual
CDC-R Other Revenues - Grants From Private Sources
CE-R Annual Operating Budget: Budget Change Procedures
CFD-R Activity Account Manual
CH-R Purchasing Requirements
CI-R School Property Disposal/Pricing Schedule
CKC-R School Cancellation And Emergency School Closing Due To Weather Conditions
CKC-R1 DISD Guardian Program – Handgun Carry
CLA-R Safety and Security
CLB-R Energy Management
CMD-R Equipment and Supplies Management Capital Assets
CNA-R Student Transportation: Emergency Procedures When Bus Is Delayed or Stranded on Trip
CNB-R District Owned Vehicles
COC-R1 Vending Machines
CQ-R Technology Acceptable Use
DBA-R Employment Requirements And Restrictions - Credentials And Records
DBA-R1 Employment Requirements and Restrictions – Credentials And Records – Classroom Paraprofessional Tiers
DBB-R Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan
DCB-R Length of Term Contracts - Certified Personnel - Pay Grade 7
DCD-R Dismissal of At-Will Employees
DC-R Hiring Practices: Campus Personnel Selections
DEAA-R Incentives and Stipends: Attendance and Longevity Award
DEAB-R Time Worked and Absence Rules for Non-Exempt Employees
DEA-R Supplemental Salary Schedule
DEA-R1 Overtime Compensation
DEA-R2 Bus Driver Pay/Compensation Package
DEA-R4 Pay for Workers at Athletic Events
DEA-R5 Sponsors/Coaches: Extra-Curricular Activities
DEA-R7 Stipends for Advanced Degrees and Specialized Trainings
DEA-R8 Extra Duty Pay for Professionals Driving a Bus
DEA-R9 Extra Duty Pay for Professionals Completing Homebound and/or Extended School Year Services
DEA-R10 Extra Duty Pay for Professionals Completing Additional Special Education Evaluations and/or Special Ed Services
DEC-R1 Leaves And Absences: Exempt Employees
DEC-R2 Leave and Absences: Nonexempt Personnel
DEC-R3 Leave and Absences: Spouse of Key Official
DEC-R4 Administrative Team Absences
DEC-R6 Leaves And Absences: Employee Sick Leave Bank Program
DEC-R8 Absences Due to Weather Conditions
DED-R Compensation and Benefits - Vacation
DEE-R1 Staff Travel Expense Reimbursement
DEE-R3 Travel: Mileage Chart
DFAB-R Probationary Teachers - Termination
DH-R Personnel - Dress Code
DH-R1 Administrative Team - Dress Code
DH-R2 Employee Use of Electronic Media
DH-R3  Maintenance, Transportation, and Custodial - Dress Code
DK-R1 Assignments And Schedules: Program Area Responsibilities
DK-R3 Assignments And Schedules: DISD Organizational Chart
DK-R4 Assignments And Schedules: Workday Hours
DK-R5 Assignments And Schedules: Extended Work Schedules    
DK-R7 Municipal Court Interpreters
DMA-R Professional Development- Technology Requirement
DMB-R Special Program Training : ESL/Bilingual Endorsement-Reimbursement of Expenses
DMD-R Officers Of Professional Organizations
DNA-R1 Evaluations: Schedule of Evaluations
DNA-R2 Maintenance System for Evaluation Documents
DNA-R3 Evaluations - Administrative Appraisal Guidelines
DPB-R Substitute Teachers
DPB-R1 Substitute Teacher Checklists
EF-R Instructional Resources
EHB-R Dyslexia Guidelines
EHBA-R Special Education Guidelines
EHBB-R Plan for Educationally Gifted Students
EHBC-R Students at Risk of Dropping Out of School
EHBE-R Bilingual ESL Resource Handbook
EHBF-R Technology Plan
EHBK-R1 RtI Guidelines
EHDD-R Alternative Methods for Earning Credit College Course Work/Dual Credit
EIAA-R Testing Guidelines
EIA-R Dumas ISD - Grading Practices District-Wide Guidelines
EIC-R Dumas ISD - Class Rank/Graduation Eligibility
EIF-R Alternative Local Graduation Requirements for Certain Individuals
EMI-R2 Instruction/Assemblies (Including, but not limited to religious entities)
EMG-R Miscellaneous Instructional Policies - Non-Service Animals
FB-R  Section 504 Guidelines
FDA-R Admissions and Attendance: Eligibility And Admissions Requirements
FEA-R Attendance Procedural Manual
FEA-R1 Absences in Excess of Ten (10)
FFAC-R Medication Regulation
FFAA-R Head Lice Procedures
FFB-R Crisis Intervention
FFB-R1 Guidance & Counseling
FFB-R2 Protocol for Suicide Threat
FFC-R Court Related Students - Liaison Officers
FFC-R2 Transportation of Students in Foster Care
FFC-R2 – Ex. Transportation of Students in Foster Care-Exhibit
FFFF-R Student Safety: Conduct On School Buses
FFG-R Protocol for Reporting Abuse
FG-R Student Awards: Letters and Jackets
FL-R Student Cumulative Folders
FL-R2 Student Records
FL-R3 Recorded Surveillance Camera Images
FMD-R Social Events - Students
FMG-R Student Travel
FMG-R1 Field Trips
FM-R Extra-Curricular Activities: Student Participation
FM-R1 Extra-Curricular Activities: Student Participation-Wednesdays/Sundays
FM-R3 Student Athletes - Return to Sport after Quitting the Sport
FNCA-R Student Dress Code English/Spanish
FNCA-R1 Dress Code - Extracurricular
FNC-R Municipal Court Guidelines
FNF-R Student Rights and Responsibilities - Interrogations and Searches
FNG-R1 Parent Concern Form
FNG-R2 Parent-Student Complaint Form Level One (Principal/or Director)
FNG-R3 Parent-Student Complaint Form Level Two (Superintendent)
FNG-R4  Parent-Student Complaint Form Level Three (Board of Trustees) 
FOC-R AEP Placement Schedule
FOD-R  Student Discipline - Expulsion 
FP-R Cafeteria Charges
GA-R Access to Programs, Services, and Activities - Elevator Operation
GE-R Relations with Parents or Parents' Organizations
GKA-R Refusal of Entry to or Ejection from District Property
GKB-R Advertising and Fund Raising
GKC-R Visitors To School
GKD-R Use of School Facilities By Organizations
GKD-R1 Schedules of Fees – Facility Rentals

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