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Facility Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Facilities Advisory Committee is to provide facility, infrastructure and 
equipment recommendations to the Dumas ISD Board of Trustees based upon the committee’s identified 

Committee recommendations will be used by the DISD Board of Trustees to develop a long-range 
capital improvements facilities plan.

The committee will review and conduct the following:
●   Tour school facilities to gain an understanding of building and infrastructure needs
●   Review future educational program needs
●   Review facilities assessments provided by a facility expert, architects, engineers and staff
●   Review City/County population data and enrollment projections
●   Review community development information (Economic Development Info)
●   Review DISD financial data
●   Review funding requirements and options
●   Review the results of a parent and community survey
●   Consider other data relevant in creating and maintaining optimal learning environments that align 
     with the district’s mission, vision, and goals
●   Develop a set of recommendations for the DISD Board to consider as part of their DISD Long Range Plan for Facilities

● Develop and prioritize potential projects for safety & security, new construction, 
    renovations/additions, technology infrastructure upgrades, and other areas that may arise from 
    community input
● Assess and prioritize the district’s current and long-term facility needs, including, but not 
    limited to:
   ■   Identified safety deficiencies
        ●   Electronic locking system district-wide
        ●   Upgrade all classroom locks
        ●   Secure Entryways at all schools
        ●   Removal of all Asbestos
        ● Student Loading & Unloading Zones (Elementary Campuses)
   ■   Energy efficiency and sustainable features
   ■   Building age, safety, capacity and condition
   ■   Evolving educational delivery and programs
   ■   Technology Infrastructure
   ■   Technology Classroom Needs
   ■   District enrollment trends
   ■   Potential land acquisition needs
   ■   Replacement of all portable buildings


●   Consider the educational needs of all students (Kids First Approach)
●   Represent the entire school district community, values, and perceptions
●   Align recommendations with the district’s mission, vision, and goals
●  Consider the district’s current financial position and funding methods to develop a recommendation that is fiscally sound:
   ■   Identify potential money savings strategies
   ■   Maintain district’s fiscally responsible position
        ● Consider the district's current and projected operating and debt service fund financial positions

        ● Avoid use of short-term general fund dollars to meet long-term capital needs

        ● Avoid use of disaster, emergency, and operating reserve funds to meet long-term capital needs where practicable.

● Disclaimer: The Board is not obligated to adopt these recommendations but will take them under 
advisement as it makes decisions related to the District’s Long Range Facilities Plan.

The Dumas ISD Facilities Advisory Committee members were selected through board member nominations, 
principal/campus staff nominations, and other nominations by interested parties to ensure there was 
a diverse cross-section of the Dumas ISD community.

Members include parents, non-parents, campus staff, community members, business owners, medical 
professionals, farmers, church leaders, and grandparents to provide a good mix of backgrounds and 
geographic representation across DISD.


Cross-section of (40-50) community members and other stakeholders:
●   Nine (9) parents/guardians of a current DISD student, one from each of the District’s nine 
     campuses (Principals/Campus Recommendation)
●   Community members (Board Members Recommendation)
●   Two (2) high school student members (To be appointed by DISD HS Principal)
●    Nine (9) teacher representatives, one from each of the District’s nine (9) campuses 
      (Principal/Campus Recommendation)
●   Others that reach different areas of the community (Administration Nominations)

●   Required Facilitators (6): Superintendent, Chief Financial Officer, Assistant Superintendent for 
Instruction, Assistant Superintendent for Personnel, Director of Operations, Maintenance Foreman 

●   Presenters: As needed (Facility Expert, Architect, Engineer, Technology Director, Campus 
Principal, Operations Director, etc.)

Members are requested to attend each meeting of the full committee. A time commitment will be 
necessary for members to attend campus tours and conduct subcommittee assignments if necessary.

Upcoming Meetings